Tuesday, November 23

Department of Justice officials announced the arrests of five members of the ransomware criminal enterprise, REvil. REvil has been tied to over 7k ransomware attacks and hundreds of millions in ransoms, including the attack on meat supplier JBS and Miami-based technology company Kaseya. JBS paid $11M in ransom but Kaseya refused to negotiate with the cybercriminals. The arrests were part of an international investigation, Operation GoldDust, involving law enforcement agencies from 17 countries. Members of REvil were identified through wiretapping and seizure of REvil infrastructure – and, exploiting REvil tactics against its members.


Monday, November 29

Muon Space will launch a fleet of satellites designed to analyze Earth’s atmosphere, land, and water in fine detail using measurements from its own equipment and publicly available satellite data. Muon’s satellites will use thermal infrared sensors, infrared spectroscopy, and low-frequency radar to gather data and apply its algorithms to existing image databases and calculating soil moisture levels, snow depth, and standing water in various locations. Their integrated remote sensing platform is expected to provide accuracy and integration of data to more effectively combat climate climate.


Friday, November 12

Storage Review’s analysis of Intel P5510 vs Samsung PM9A3 Enterprise SSDs was thorough and intensive. While Brian Beeler was quick to politely comment on each and talk about the giants amongst us, and phew, what a whirlwind it was, we won’t hesitate to declare a winner. Intel crushed Samsung – especially if you are actually looking for a bottom line, instead of a participation trophy for each. This is business and competition drives, motivates, propels companies to greatness (or demise). Let’s not hesitate to call it like it is – for everyone’s good, including the competitors.


Wednesday, November 17

Infinidat persuaded thirtyfive-year enterprise storage veteran, Eric Herzog, to serve as Chief Marketing Officer after nearly seven years as CMO and VP of Global Storage Channels at IBM Storage Solutions where he was responsible for worldwide product marketing and management for IBM's storage systems, software-defined storage, hyper converged infrastructure, and global storage channels. Eric Herzog has managed all aspects of marketing, product management, and business development in both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. 

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Thursday, October 21

Technology, including special effects in movies, as truly evolved. How have datacenters evolved in movies – not just as a background prop but as a central feature? We highlight a few movies below…

2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968

Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester – A quest to find mankind’s origins with help from supercomputer H.A.L 9000

The main character must disassemble the AI villain inside the datacenter. And, while datacenters did not make it to space by 2001, that technology is well underway for the near future. The movie is iconic in reflecting much of the technology we take for granted today.

WarGames, 1987

Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy, John Wood – A young man finds a backdoor to a military central computer and game play is blurred with reality and the potential threat of WWIII. Okay, fair enough, no datacenter. But, it gets an honorable mention at that start of this evolution because President Reagan

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