August 23, 2022 at 9am

What are the right capabilities to add to next-generation NVMe SSDs - Smart SSDs, networked SSDs, higher-performance SSDs, etc.? The NVMe specification has allowed flash to move beyond simple data storage. Simply increasing capacity though potentially has its own issues - blast radius, storage management, sharing, and more. With all of the capabilities being added to NVMe SSDs, what is the best direction to go? Join us for a robust discussion from industry experts regarding next-gen NVME SSDs and how to manage and maximize NVMe SSD capabilities.

Should cloud service provider use private/hybrid cloud implementations or public cloud implementations to optimize datacenter architecture? A number of studies (and CSP experiences) have shown that operating your own datacenter is cheaper than the public cloud. Performance in private datacenters tends to be far more controllable and predictable. On the other hand, implementing and managing your own datacenter is not "free", and requires considerable resources and expertise. This webinar explores the advantages and disadvantages of each and invites industry leaders to make their case for the best approach.

For extremely large datacenters, the storage fabric used has a huge impact on performance. Choosing the "right" fabric can be a career breaker. Fibre Channel is both deterministic and secure, but has it reached its end? Ethernet is ubiquitous, but there are a number of different Ethernet protocols that can be used, and contention is also an issue. In this webinar, industry enterprise storage experts explain how organizations should decide which storage fabric to use and the strengths of their preferred approaches.

How can you effectively monitor the security of your data from the outside? While cloud data storage providers are themselves secure, companies are effectively on their own when it comes to securing data on their platforms. What is the best way to do this? What tools do the cloud providers available? What third-party tools can you utilize on their platforms? In this webinar, leading experts showcase tools, approaches, and evolving opportunities to protect your data.

A look back at the year and predictions for 2023. From datacenter in spaces, helium storages, chip supply chain disruption, autonomous vehicles and smart grid data management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and from the cloud to the edge computing, scaling, and acceleration, where do we go from here? What is/was hot and what is/was not? Relax and enjoy a look back, and a look forward, with our panel of leading enterprise storage experts.

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